New beginnings

I want to live my life differently from now on.

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By Vladimír Záhradník

Lately, I realize as if certain things have closed and I have the courage to walk into the unknown; and I’m even looking forward to it.

Today, my friend Havran and I had another public debate on Clubhouse. Thanks to the talk, some things became clear to me. I think it’s time to take my work to a more professional level. Even from my last video, I figured I was no longer a student. I’m still going to learn a lot, but it’s time to start doing things properly.

I’ll start with my blogsite first. It’s the project, into which I poured many hours of my work; it’s therefore most visible, and I can see many of you reading my posts. I believe that my stories can attract others, but without a proper website, it’s hard to get to my content.

I also decided to make my content available in Czech. I know that for many readers, Slovak is still a barrier, which is a pity. I know Czech well and translating my post into it is not so much extra work for me.

I enjoy videos, writing too, and look forward to podcasts where I read some of my blogs. Not everyone enjoys reading 🙂

In the upcoming days, I will be working intensively on a multilingual website. This is the first step that is absolutely necessary.

Today I listened to a song by the songwriter Petr Lüftner all day long. I couldn’t get it out of my head and I probably already know why. It’s kind of about me. You probably don’t know Czech, so try to feel the marvelous music coming out of the accordion.

Petr Lüftner - 10 000 days (Czech)

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