Peace Doves

There was an incident at the Seoul Olympics that shook the world.

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By Vladimír Záhradník
Image by InspiredImages from Pixabay

Peace doves have always symbolised peace between nations and have been a symbol of the Olympic Games since time immemorial. Since 1988, everything is different…

Something happened during the opening ceremony that the spectators will probably never forget. The organisers released doves, but they did not fly away into the sky as everyone had hoped. They took a liking to the Olympic cauldron on which they landed.

The cauldron was lit by three athletes. They didn’t notice that there was a flock of doves on it and so, as expected, they lit the Olympic flame.

The dice were rolled. All people could do was watch what followed. Everyone hoped that the doves would fly away as soon as the heat from the bonfire escalated. Unfortunately, except for a few, none flew away. The doves burned to ashes in front of billions of people.

Apparently, the cameraman was savvy enough to turn the camera on the viewers so that the people at the screens wouldn’t have to see the destruction. However, the feeling that doves were just burning in front of them remained.

After that incident, the doves of peace did not appear again at the Olympics. Today, instead, we watched the beautiful Earth flying over the stadium, changing before our eyes.

I was a year old when this incident happened. However, I remember it from the story told by my aunt, who will never forget it.

The Olympics symbolise unity and peace, but they also have a dark side. It is good to be reminded of this from time to time.

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